Welcome to Judge Software, founded on 27th September 2001.

We try to provide custom, well made produced freeware to fill the gaps where software provided by main stream software houses seem to miss the point. On this web site you will find some useful software for various different platforms including Pocket PC (CE), Windows and IIS.

Please find the current software list below, including screen shots, description and download link.

Installed Program Printer

Description If you have ever needed to re-install your operating system for any reason and needed it re-installed with all the applications you previously had, you might find this program useful. This program will print off a list of your installed applications so you can keep a reference on paper ready to tick off when you re-install. The software is so easy to use it requires no instructions. Note: This software looks at the windows registry to reference installed programs, and therefore may miss software that does not install itself so it can been seen under "Add/Remove Programs".
Version 1.5.0
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Floopy to CD Archiver

Description Have you ever found your self with a pile of old disk sets from old applications like MS Office and Windows 3.11 which you just can't bring your self to throw away? The easy answer is to burn all your sets of disks onto one CD for archiving. Using this program will make it easier to do so. This simple program asks for how many disks in a set then automatically reads each disk onto a drive of your choice whilst automatically splitting the disks into separate folders.
Version 1.5.3
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Pocket Serial Database

Description Designed for pocket pc users who regularly install PC software requiring a serial code. If, like me you are always installing software and only carry the CDs around with you, having a database of serial numbers is more than necessary.
Version 2.0.0
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Student User Maintenance System

Description Designed for Microsoft's IIS web server platform (.net 3.5). Student User Maintenance System (SUMS) is a web based (single page) product for delegating basic user management such as changing passwords, disabling and unlocking accounts.

SUMs can be configured to look at several active directory OUs selectable with a drop down list with a custom message on the page; both easily configured via the web.config configuration file. Security is managed by protecting access via IIS either using IP filtering or folder permissions.

The base product is free for use under the terms shown below but the developer is prepared to consider any customisations or changes based on request, quote and invoice. Specific terms will be agreed during the development process.
Version 2.1
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